Peak Polocrosse’s Rumble in the Rockies Tournament Results!


Another extremely fun and successful Peak Polocrosse “Rumble in the Rockies” is in the books! This year’s event was preceded by an “Australian Horse Stock” show and judge’s clinic at the same venue which allowed many of the participants to be a part of both events.

The tournament this year played host to visiting players from several states across the country including Mississippi, Alabama, Minnesota, Florida, Montana, Maryland, Texas and Oregon as well as visiting foreign players from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Mexico. It was such a wonderful opportunity for old friends to reconnect and new friends to connect – all in the shadow of the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

Many thanks to Peak Polocrosse Club and the Australian Stock Horse Association for hosting these incredible events!

Results from this weekend’s tournament are as follows:

Most improved woman – Steph Lindsey (Janelle Weir Award Donation)

Best Australian Stock Horse – Strider Zima (Avery Thompson’s)

D grade:
3rd place – Adventures Unlimited 2
2nd place – The Three Smith’s
1st place – Big Sky

C Grade:
3rd place – Southern Belles
2nd place – Adventures Unlimited Team Zero
1st place – Companeros

B Grade:
3rd place – Big Sky
2nd place – Peak PX
1st place – Calgary

A grade:
3rd place – Peak px
2nd place – Big Sky
1st place – Lonestar

E Grade:
Best Player – Darla Menger
Best Horse – Garry (Tim Doust’s horse)

D Grade:
Best Player – Catherine peticoas
Best Horse – Sinatra (Keely Kuhl’s horse)

C grade:
Best player – Shelby Barner
Best Horse – Jasper (Renee Thompson’s horse)

B Grade:
Best Player – Evan Plant
Best Horse – Jazz (Rob Brooks’

A Grade:
Best Player – Braxton Hamlin
Best Horse – Marty (Lachlan Clarks’ horse)

Bay Area’s Blue Crab Classic Results!


Hello Everyone! Was great to see so many new faces this weekend! Here are your results for Bay Area 2017

A Grade-
First: Carolina Polocrosse – Garrett Hamlin, Kate Lahr, Kat Liner
Second: Sugarloaf (2) – Emma Strider , Karl Balogh, Nick Balogh
Third: Sugarloaf (1) – Haley Blend, Pete Balogh, Zach Weldon
Best Player: Garrett Hamlin
Best Horse: Roo

B Grade-
First: Carolina Polocrosse – Sara Cifelli, Anthony Lynch, Halee Stroh
Second: Sandie Creek – Kaylee Camp, Scott Morgan, Ally Kimbrough
Third: Sugarloaf – Kevin Horton, Erin Strider, Summer Pollinger
Best Player: Sydney Burch
Best Horse: Andre

C Grade-
First: OCPC/Heartland – Emily Dyson, Adi Dyson, Virginia Carpenter
Second: Sugarloaf (2) – Ronald Borta, Sean Grey, Alexandria Broadhurst
Third: Bay Area – Tony Cameron, Tyler Webb, Greg Russell
Best Player: Tristan Cole
Best Horse: Artamis

D Grade-
First: Sugarloaf/Heartland/Charlie Horse – Patrick Landrum, Asby Hatcher, Aaramus Cooney
Second: Bucks County – Sharon Stroh, Kelly McPeek, Clare Lynam
Third: Bay Area/Heartland – Shaina Taylor, Jamie Dawson, Scott Carpenter JR
Best Player: Donna Fowble
Best Horse : Clifton

E Grade-
First: Sugarloaf (2) – Terry Grey, Karima Sharma, Ella Hatcher
Second: Bucks County – Jill Pawlenko, Natalia Matelevica, Susan Schaub
Third: Bay Area – Danielle Broulliette, Savannah Dobbins, Danica Lanthier
Best Player: Valerie Clabaugh
Best Horse : Dolly

Masters Division-
First: Sugarloaf – Richard Balogh, Mike Strider Jr, Sarah Broadhurst
Second: Carolina – Donna Ellis, Paul Schnatz, TJ Watson
Third: Sandie Creek Ceci Liner,Sandie Camp , Todd Camp
Best Player: Donna Ellis
Best Horse : Jlo

Carolina Polocrosse Club’s Polocrosse in the Pines Results!

Below are the results from the 2017 Polocrosse in the Pines Tournament –

A Grade was a scramble division to help prepare the squad team traveling to South Africa this month

Best Woman Player Sarah Desai

Best Man Player Rob Shuttles

Best Horse Special (CPC)

B Grade:

First Place Carolina Polocrosse

Second Place: Sandie Creek/TVPC Mix

Best Player : Crawford Liner

Best Horse: Andre (SC)

C Grade:

First Place Tennessee Valley Polocrosse

Second Place Bay Area

Best Player Justin Layne

Best Horse Erica (TVPC)

D Grade:

First Place Sandie Mix

Second Place Heartland/Heart of Dixie Mix

Best Player Grace Strosnider

Best Horse Karma (SMPC)

Master Division:

First Place Charlie Horse

Second Place EZ Mix

Best Woman Player Deb Zito

Best Man Player Richard Balogh

Best Horse Bernadine (CPC)

Congratulations to the following Juniors for winning the Junior Sportsmanship Award sponsored by Polocrosse Gear:

B Grade Erin Strider (SMPC)

C Grade Elizabeth Walker (TVPC)

D Grade Anthony Kosling (CPC)

Sandie Creek Tournament Results!


A Grade was a mix division allowing for the team traveling to South Africa this summer to play with multiple players.
Best Players: Braxton Hamlin, Rahul Desai and Sarah Desai
Best Horses: Layla(TVPC) and Special (CPC)

B Grade
First Place: Sandie Creek Kaylee Camp, Dylan Hood, Scott Morgan
Second Place : CPC Ally Kimbrough, Sara Cifelli, Natalie Sturtz
Third Place: Grand Bay Mix Karen Saussy, Jack Hood, Kat Liner
Best Player: Kaylee Camp
Best Horse: Burghley (TVPC)

C Grade
First Place: Sandie Creek Mix Kyler Haygood, Jack Hood Jr, Joslyn Upshaw
Second Place: TVPC Justin Layne, Connie Geary, Sophia Soloman
Third Place: Heart Of Dixie Mix Mary Ladiner, Bailey Morring, Baker White
Best Player: Joslyn Upshaw
Best Horse: Riley (GB)

D Grade
First Place: Sandie Creek Patrick Lundrum, Rachel Wilson, Lura Vittetoe
Second Place: Girl Power Ellie Wilson, Sienna Adams, Skyler Stacy
Third Place: GB Mix Felicia D’Alonzo, Alina Hood, Emi Briggs
Best Player: Patrick Lundrum
Best Horse: Hannah (SC)

E Grade
First Place: Sandie Creek Rebekah Frye, Jacob Porter, Carly Jenkins
Second Place: Stars Mix Ashby Hatcher, Layla Sapp, Natalie Pachinger
Third Place: Dixie Mix Ella Hatcher, Olivia Gaudet, Sean Howell
Best Player: Ashby Hatcher
Best Horse: Georgia (SC)

Masters Division
First Place Jamie Zito, Sarah Dansission, Peggy Ferebee
Second Place Melanie Watson, TJ Watson (Michele Lahr was a part of this team too but was out due to injury)
Third Place Deb Zito, Amy Lewis, Cile Savoy
Best Player; Mel Watson
Best Horse: Ziva (CH)

What in the world is Polocrosse? No, it is not the same as Polo.

A widely unknown sport; polocrosse is often confused with the very popular sport of polo. Although there are a few similarities, polocrosse has many different rules and utilizes varied skills for both the rider and horse. It was originally created as a winter riding exercise in England in the 1930’s. The sport was then introduced to Australia, where it was fine-tuned and a rule book was created.

The sport is now played in many countries all over the world, but has gained little recognition here in the USA. Anyone can play on any kind of horse, however the top levels generally have much more than your average backyard horse playing. The play is high speed with quick-thinking and strategy that may not be visible to the untrained eye. Both horses and riders have catlike reflexes and pull off moves you won’t see in any other equine discipline. There are more quick stops and spins than in polo, where they tend to make wide arcs and long runs.

Turbo dressage; collection at speed with balance and impulsion.

Here are a few key aspects of the sport to help you understand the melee going on in front of you:

Game Format

Games are made up of a series of chukkas – generally 6 or 8 minutes long – and consist or 4 or 6 chukkas total. Each team has two sections of 3 players, whose scores are combined throughout the game. Each section rotates chukkas with the other, so that both play for half of the game. At most tournaments, teams play 2 games per day over the course of the weekend, for a total of four games. There are also two mounted umpires on the field, which is 160 x 60 yards.

King of the One Horse Sports

Unlike polo, players are only permitted to use one horse throughout an entire tournament. Players pride themselves on preparing their horse for the action-packed tournament weekends. They must be fit, healthy, and sound. A new horse may only be substituted in if the original horse is deemed too sick or injured to continue playing. Top horses receive spa treatment from their owners with ice boots, poultice wraps, and the like to keep them feeling their best. Some players are fortunate enough to have a backup mount, which may also double as an umpire horse during the tournament.

Some of the most common breeds for this sport are Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, and the “horse for every need” – Australian Stock Horses. Top playing ponies are fast and agile, and have the endurance to last 4 full games. Performance on the field trumps beauty or breeding any day, and the best of them all are the ones with the most heart. Ask about their stories and you will find both players and ponies from all walks of life.


First Time on the Field

Most Polocrosse clubs hold frequent local practices and are always accepting new members. Since our sport is small, we want to spread the word about the addiction we call polocrosse as much as possible. Once you try it, you are sure to catch the bug. It is much more adrenaline-inducing and social than most show rounds or trail rides.

New players can go as fast or as slow as they please. There is no need to buy a special horse, provided theirs does not kick or bite during play. New equipment is minimal – the requirements are a bridle with a bit without protruding shanks, any saddle without a horn, a breastplate, and polo wraps or SMB’s and bell boots on all four feet.

Let’s go to a Tournament!

Out of all the equine disciplines, I believe that this is where you get the most bang for your buck. One tournament entry, that is often less than $100, provides you with an entire action packed weekend, including camping, social events, and at least one meal. Players typically arrive on Friday and play starts early on Saturday and continues all day long. Saturday night dinner is often provided, and then play continues on Sunday. Prizes include useful items, like buckets, bridles, and blankets instead of a cheap ribbon.

We camp out in trailers or tents the whole weekend while our ponies are stabled in portable electric pens. No need to go find fancy hotels or keep your pony cooped up in a stall for days. We all hang out together after hours and have a blast! Water checks before bed and hosing off poultice before the morning games are part of the competition for us, and we enjoy every minute of it!

Is it really that safe?

From off the field, this sport can look a little scary at times. However, we have many rules regarding safety that are taken very seriously. The last thing any player wants to do is injure their horse, so the fast, full-contact play must be done properly. Crossing too closely in front or behind another player or bumping too aggressively is severely penalized, even as much as a free goal. Each player is given a rating to help decide their division, with ratings based upon their knowledge of the game and spatial awareness on the field as much as their horsemanship and racket skills.

The Best Parts of Polocrosse, in my opinion.

You can ALWAYS have fun. At any level the sport is an adrenaline rush like no other.

It’s all about teamwork. One player can’t do it all on their own. Players must have a high level of communication to block the opposition, make passes, and control the ball all the way down the field.

Everyone is family. Our sport is all-inclusive and everyone is there to have a great time. The players on the other team may be your teammates the following weekend. Despite intense competition, we are all friends off the field.

There is always more to learn. Players are constantly striving to improve their racket skills and teach their horses new moves, as well as share their knowledge with other players.

Responsibility and accountability are a must. This is not the place where a lack of horsemanship can go unnoticed or riders can slide by without taking proper care of their mount. The horse’s welfare is top priority during tournament weekends.








Grand Bay Crawdaddy Carnival Results!

A Grade Division:
1st Place (players not switching around) Gordon Duff, Sloan Hamlin, Doug Hamlin, Sydney Burch
2nd place: (Best conversion section of the weekend) Braxton Hamlin, Rob Shuttles, Sydney Burch
Best 1: Braxton Hamlin Best 2: Rob Shuttles Best 3: Rahul Desai
Best Horse: Waldo (Sydney Burch)

B Grade Division:
1st Place- Alamo – Renee Sissions, Clayton Crabdree, Anna Duff
2nd Place- Lonestar Mix – Renee Thompson, Mike Thompson, Sophia Soloman
Best 1: Renee Thompson Best 2: Clayton Crabtree Best 3: Sophia Soloman
Best Horse: Roza (Renee Thompson)

C Grade Division:
1st Place- Sandie Mix – Kyler Haygood, Justin Layne, Dylan Hood
2nd Place- TVPC – Aubry Large, Connie Geary, Amy Hamlin
Best 1: Joslyn Upshaw Best 2: Justin Layne Best 3: Amy Hamlin
Best Horse: Reign (Dylan Hood)

D Grade Division:
1st Place- Dixie Gals – Bayleigh Morring, Michelle Morring, Chelsea Brantley
2nd Place- Mix Chicks – Schyler Stacy, Katy Smolik, Aubrey Shuttles
Best 1: Bayleigh Morring Best 2: Michelle Morring Best 3: Karen Harper
Best Horse: Slim (Aubrey Shuttles)

E Grade Division:
1st Place- Lonestar Mix – Haydon Shuttles, Patrick Landrum, Sam Shuttles
2nd Place- Grand Bay – Felicia D’Alonzo, Lucy Plot, Olivia Rigg
Best 1: Haydon Shuttles Best 2: Patrick Landrum Best 3: Olivia Rigg
Best Horse: Elexis (Sam Shuttles)

Master’s / Ladies Division:
First Place: Todd Camp, Stacy UpShaw, Michelena D’Alonzo
Second Place: Deb Zito, Jamie Zito and Michele Lahr
Third Place: Hannah Venne, Sarah Dancisin and Amy Lewis
Best Horse: Ziva (Deb Zito)
Best Player: Todd Camp

Best Sportsmanship: Gordon Duff
Best Umpire: Rob Shuttles

Lone Star Jon Weber Classic Results!

First Place: TVPC
Second Place: LONE STAR
Best #1 Braxton Hamlin
Best #2 Sloan Hamlin
Best #3 Garrett Hamlin
Best Horse – Layla (Braxton Hamlin)

First Place: BELLAS
Second Place: ALAMO
Best #1 Renee Weynand
Best #2 Ryan Strider
Best #3 Erin Strider
Best Horse- Whiskey (Ashley Barbour)

First Place: Minnesota
Second Place: Lone Star
Best #1 Amber Walker
Best #2 Emma Finch
Best #3 Megan Delgado Mitchell
Best Horse – Best Horse Satelite (Karen Saussy)

First Place: ALTX
Second Place: TVPC
Best #1 Amy Hamlin
Best #1 Terry Hawkins
Best #3 Carolyn Gusick
Best Horse – Popcorn (Owned by Bernie & Olivia Uechtritz and ridden by Virginia Carpenter)

First Place: Lonestar
Second Place: New Lonestar
Best #1 Haydon Shuttles
Best #2 Mia Zaky
Best #3 Brianna Longbrake
Best Horse – Chita (Haydon Shuttles)

Longest Haul Award: The Strider Family

Joey Venne (Annual) Sportmanship Award: Dana Solomon

Charlie Horse Tournament Results!

A Grade:
First Place: Dingoes Rahul Desai, Braxton Hamlin, Garrett Hamlin
Second Place: TVPC  Sloan Hamlin, Sydney Burch, Karl Balogh
Third Place: CPC Girls Sarah Desai, Kate Lahr, Kat Liner
Best Player: Rahul Desai
Best Horse: Special

B Grade
First Place: CPC Crawford Liner, Sara Cifelli, Alex Harvey
Second Place: B1 Ally Kimbrough, Jo Guzman, Sophia Solomon
Third Place: B2 Kaylee Camp, Janelle Palmer, Katie Fox
Best Player: Ally Kimbrough
Best Horse: Birdie

C Grade
First Place: C1 Joclyn Upshaw, Kate Lahr, Dylan Hood
Second Place:C2 Kiara Kowaluk, Alex McAteer, Kyler Haygood
Third Place: TVPC Amy Hamlin, Connie Geary, Justin Lane
Best Player: Joclyn Upshaw
Best Horse: Rile

D Grade
First Place: D3 Schyler Stacy, Jack Hood Jr, Rachel Wilson
Second Place: D2 Rebecca Frye, Ellie Wilson, Sienna Adams
Third Place: D1 Alina Hood, Nadia Harrison, Elise McAteer
Best Player: Jack Hood Jr
Best Horse: Jack

E Grade
First Place:E2 Patrick Lundrum, Layla Sapp
Second Place: E1 Ella Hatcher, Ashby Hatcher
Third Place: E3 Laurie Balinski, Barbara Burgio
Best Player: Patrick Landrum
Best Horse:Luna

First Place: M1 Todd Camp, Amy Lewis, Kelly Pate
Second Place: M2 Jamie Zito, Deb Zito, Kathy McAteer,
Third Place: M3 Donna Ellis, Sarah Dansission,Jeff McAteer
Best Players Stacey Upshaw
Best Horse: Slow Joe, Shaikira

New Years Resolutions

The New Year can be a great time to start improving yourself and create some goals to aim for over the next 12 months. Whether you want to improve your racket skills, horsemanship, or learn to play a new position, ’tis the season to grab the reins and get started.

C4 Belts Equestrian has already come up with some fabulous equestrian-specific resolutions in their latest blog post.

The theme for SC Polocrosse Equipment in 2016 is to Work Hard and Play Harder!

work hard