Big Sky’s Bridger Brawl Tournament Results!

The 2017 Big Sky Bridge Brawl Tournament was a HUGE success for those who attended! The Tournament hosts Melissa Kay Main and Jeremy Knutson, the entire Big Sky Polocrosse Club along several of their friends, neighbors and family members could not have made the us all feel more welcome and at home. There were several “extras” at this tournament that we don’t often see at every tournament such as a “camp host” who made sure we always had fresh water, porta-potties everywhere, food and drinks continuously, fun contests for goal tending, several umpire horses to chose from and awesome prizes! And of course… let us not forget… the beautiful scenery!! The other amazing feature of this tournament is that several Canadian players were able to attend which provided us all a wonderful opportunity to renew old friendships – and make several new friends as well. This tournament is definitely one to play to attend in the future!!

Here are the results of this year’s event:

Specialty Awards:

– ASH Best Polocrosse Horse: Chaos owned by G5 Bigsby ridden by Braxton Hamlin
– ASH Best Player: G5 Bigsby riding Kingaroy owned by Jeremy Knutson & Yahoo Playmate owned by Melissa Main
– Best Youth ASH Sportsmanship/Horsemanship: Marlee Bigsby riding Yahoo Rain

A Grade
– 1st Place: Big Sky PoloX: Marlee Bigsby, Braxton Hamlin, Emma Finch
– 2nd Place: Ranahan Polocrosse: Belle Ladiges (CND) , G5 Bigsby, Ahna Mayo
– 3rd Place: Mountain Zone: Thea Crass, Susan Hatch, Asha Maguire (AUS)
– Best Horse A: Chaos owned by G5 (played by Braxton)
– Best Player A: Braxton

B Grade:
– 1st Place: Triple Crown/MN: Evan Trettel, Elizabeth Walker, Kasey Gusick
– 2nd Place: Mountain Zone: Char Svaldi, Missy Svaldi, Ashlynn Hanan
– 3rd Place: Calgary: Lesley Plant (CND), Amanda Slade (CND), G5 (on Green horse)
– Best Horse B: Kodak owned by Evan Trettel
– Best Player B: Evan Trettel

C Grade:
– 1st Place: Calgary: Steve Plant (CND), Kathy McAteer (CND), Geoff McAteer (CND)
– 2nd Place: Triple Crown/MN: Kristy Gusick, David Finch, Mike Ward
– 3rd Place: Mountain: Sedi Doust, Carolyn Gusick, Susan Hatch (on Green horse)
– Best Horse C: DOT owned by Steve Plant (CND)
– Best Player C: Kathy McAteer (CND)

D Grade:
– 1st Place: Calgary: Elysse McAteer (CND), Emma McGough (CND), David Reese (CND)
– 2nd Place: Big Sky: Parker Nelms, Brittany Rigglemen, Logan Svaldi
– 3rd Place: Hot Mamas: Kris Clawson, Cathy Haugh, Caroline Burger
– Best Horse D: Guinness owned by Elysse McAteer (CND)
– Best Player: Elysse McAteer (CND)