Bridger Brawl Tournament Results!

Results from the Bridger Brawl Tournament in Montana:

Best Sportsman: Robbie Noiles
Best ASH Horse: Kingaroy

Impressive Umpiring:
Geoff McAteer,Charlotte Svaldi,Jason Lynch

A grade

1st Place: Big Sky Polox
G5 (Glenn Bigsby V), Marlee Bigsby,Ahna Mayo

2nd Place: OutLaw
Robbie Noiles,Samuel Burrows, Jason Lynch

3rd Place: Mix
Susan Hatch, Tristan Cole, McKoy Loomis

Best Player: Sam Burrows
Best Horse: Dusty

B Grade:

1st Place: Big Sky Polox
Rob Brooks, Jeremy Knutson, Ashlynne Hanan

2nd Place: Triple Crown
David Finch, Becky Dekkers, Brian Beall

3rd Place:Calgary

Lesley Plant,Stephen Plant, Christian Petersen

Best Player: Rob Brooks
Best Horse: Kingaroy

C Grade:

1st Place: Team Svaldi
Missy Schwartz Svaldi, Logan Svaldi, Char Svaldi

2nd Place: Big Sky Polox
Dawson Brooks, Pj Penor, Thea Sherwood

3rd Place: OutLaw
Kelley Kuhl, Brooke Sprague, Andrew Whinny

Best Player: PJ Penor
Best Horse: Tia

D Grade:

1st Place: Mountain
Dylan McDowell,Andrew Nordstrom, Kendall Johnson

2nd Place: The Hotties

Tammy Cameron, Cathy Haugh, Leslie King Roots

3rd Place: Big Sky Polox
Brittany Riggleman,Chesca Mayer,Leslie Ann Harrison

Best Player: Dylan McDowell
Best Horse: Dee Dee