Central Zone Championships Results!

Below are the results from Central Zone Championships held in Wilmer, AL.

A Grade
1st Place – Lone Star
2nd Place – TVPC
Best Player – Rob Shuttles
Best Horse – Zema, Ryan Strider

B Grade
1st Place – Lone Star
2nd Place – Minnesota
Best Player – Renee Thompson
Best Horse – Roza, Renee Thompson

C Grade
1st Place – Minnesota
2nd Place – The Companeros
Best Player – Connie Geary
Best Horse – Chance, Connie Geary

Junior A –
1st Place – Grand Bay
2nd Place – Texas
3rd Place – Minnesota Mix
Best Player – Garrett Upshaw
Best Horse – Arabella, Aubry Shuttles

Junior B –
1st Place – Lone Star
2nd Place – Texas Mix
Best Player – Hayden Shuttles
Best Horse – Freckles, Ian Duff