Sandie Creek Tournament Results!

Results from the Sandie Creek tournament in Georgia, April 6-7, 2019:

A Grade
1st place: E-LEMON-ATORS Braxton Hamlin, Rahul Desai, Catherine Hanagan
2nd place: WC LADIES Sarah Desai, Kat Liner, Megan Waggener
3rd place: MAN POWER Garett Hamlin, Zach Hulbert, Sloan Hamlin

B Grade
1st place: B MIX Kaylee Camp, Meg Smith, Melanie Watson
2nd place: GRAND BAY Karen Saussy, Charles Saussy, Mic Zalopany
3rd place: TVPC Justin Layne, Elizabeth Walker, double up
Best player: KAYLEE CAMP
Best horse: ROO (KAT LINER)

C Grade
1st place: GRAND BAY Andrew Hathett, Jos Upshaw, Joe Guzman
2nd place: TVPC Andrew Hughes, Connie Geary, Daniel Wix
3rd place: C MIX Katelyn James, Amy Walters, TJ Watson
Best player: JOS UPSHAW

D1 Grade
1st place: SANDIE CREEK Haley Culpepper, Jaco Swanepoel Jr., Daniel Swanepoel
2nd place: STARS & STRIPES Amy Lewis, Robbie Karl, Wilma Jenkins
3rd place: TVPC Karlie Slaton, Kiri Freeman, Madison Butler
4th place: FL MIX Layla Sapp, Alina Hood, Siena Adams
Best horse: MOON (AMY LEWIS)

D2 Grade
1st place: GB/SC Libby Dial, Asher Dial, Ally Mayhall
2nd place: GRAND BAY Beth Stacy, Marissa Smith, Luci Eason
3rd place: TVPC Emily Ball, Stephen Bunn, Emily Turner
Best player: ALLY MAYHALL
Best horse: QUESO (BETH STACY)

Best player: TODD CAMP
Best horse: BLUE (TODD CAMP)

Cowboys & Shamrocks Tournament Results!

Results from the Cowboys & Shamrocks tournament:

1st- Tennessee Valley/ Sugarloaf
2nd- LoneStar
Best Player: Derek Rumel
Best Horse: Moonshine (rode by Emma Strider)

1st- Grand Bay/ Tennessee Valley
2nd- Tennessee Valley
Best Player: Ashley Barbour
Best Horse: Tie: Satellite(Karen Saussy) Cinco(Jeremy Barbour)

1st- Minnesota
2nd- Tennessee Valley
Best Player: Carolyn Gusick
Best Horse: Teak (Carolyn Gusick)

1st- Grand Bay/ LoneStar
2nd- Sandie Creek
Best Player: Tie- Andrew Hatchett & Kiri Freeman
Best Horse: Tie- Steely(Ashleigh Riffe) & Dottie (Kiri Freeman)

1st- Tennessee Valley/ Lone Star
2nd- Grand Bay
Best Player: Thea Hamlin
Best Horse: Sarah (Thea Hamlin)

1st- Ritchie Crocket, Jamie Zito, Jessica Marcotte
2nd- Kathy McAteer, Geff McAteer, Allison Wix
Best Player: Ritchie Crocket
Best Horse: Chipotle (rode by Ritchie owner by Jamie Zito)

Game 1 was 31-18 USA
Game 2 was 23-25 Ireland
Game 3 was 27-21 USA

Best Players:

Ireland Men – Seb Chambers
Ireland Women – Debbie Harris
USA Men – Rahul Desai
USA Women – Kat Liner

Best Horses:

USA voted their Best Horse for the Men, Special, and Best Horse for the Women, Tilly

Ireland voted their Best Horse for the Men, Reclaim. And they voted the Best Horse for the Women, Eclipse.

Nationals 2018 Results!

Results from the 2018 National Tournament in Harvest, Alabama:



Essex All Blacks: Friendship Cup: Cile Savoy
Paddy Memorial: Best Presented Team: Sandie Creek Polocrosse
Most Fair and Best Polocrosse Sportsperson: Elizabeth Walker
Shelley Shearer: Best Playing Junior: Kevin Horton
U21 Best Rider: Kat Liner
Tricia Cane: Al True
The Big Joey: Erin Strider
Best Nationals Umpire: Zach Hulbert
Umpire Achievement: Sarah Desai


Crosse-Over-Challenge Winner: Virginia Carpenter
Best Australian Stockhorse: Special, owned by Rahul and Sarah Desai
Best Australian Stockhorse Rider: Emma Strider
Boxter Award: Freckles, owned by the Shuttles Family
Bomber MVP Award: Braxton Hamlin
New: The Dirtiest Whites Award: David Firmin (there were several honorable mentions)
Triple Crown & Uckele Coupons: Braxton Hamlin, Cameron Firmin, Sarah Broadhurst and Megan Waggener
Thoroughbred Incentive Program: Juniors: 2nd: Scott Carpenter Jr., on Fernet, 1st: Garrett Upshaw on Angela, Adults: 2nd: Derek Rumel on Jasmine, 1st: Heather Shuttles on Remedy
Australian Stockhorse Association Draws: ASHA saddle pad: Saussy’s, Bridle Tag: Karen Cressenberg
Australian Stockhorse Recognition: Renee Thompson
James Root Saddle Draw: Leslie Plant

Tournament winners at Harvest Farm won the following in their game placings:
1st Place: silver, gold and black belt buckles
2nd Place: thick blue saddle pads with the APA logo and placing on an embroidered patch.
3rd Place: silver engraved picture frame
Best Player: large silver engraved cup
Best Conditioned Horse: pair of full leg ice boots
Best Conditioned Horse: adjustable shoulder turnout blanket with embridered APA logo and Triple Crown logo as our sponsor!


Masters & Women’s
Best # 1 Player: Sara Cifelli
Best # 2 Player: Richard Balogh
Best # 3 Player: Stacy Upshaw
Recognition to Jaco Swanepoel Sr, Elizabeth Stutts, Paul Schnatz
Best Conditioned Horse: Waylon, Joe Douglas
Best Horse: North, Donna Ellis
1st: Sandie Creek
2nd Carolina
3rd: Sugarloaf

E Grade
Best # 1 Player: Emma McGeough
Best # 2 Player: Karlie Slaton
Best # 3 Player: Bine Hatcher
Best Conditioned Horse: Pantera, Bine Hatcher
Best Horse: Zoomi, Layla Zaky
1st: Minnesota
2nd: Heartland
3rd: Sandie Creek

D Grade
Best # 1 Player: PJ Penor
Best # 2 Player: Schyler Stacy
Best # 3 Player: Andrew Winney
Best Conditioned Horse: Beatrice, Ella Wilson
Best Horse: Sammy, Casey Gusick
1st: Mountain West
2nd: Bay Area
3rd: Heartland

C Grade
Best # 1 Player: Joslyn Upshaw
Best # 2 Player: Ashlynne Hanan
Best # 3 Player: Robbie Noiles
Best Conditioned Horse, Twister, Mary Ladnier
Best Horse: Angela, Garrett Upshaw
1st: Grand Bay
2nd: Mountain West
3rd: Tennessee Valley

B Grade
Best # 1: Zach Hulbert
Best # 2: Anna Whorton Duff
Best # 3: Ashley Barbour
Best Conditioned Horse: Rogue, Ally Kimbrough
Best Horse: Steely: Tallie Thompson
1st: Central Zone Mix
2nd: Eastern Zone
3rd: Tennessee Valley

A Grade
Best # 1 Player: Rahul Desai
Best # 2 Player: Braxton Hamlin
Best # 3 Player: Kat Liner
Best Conditioned Horse: Domino, Megan Waggener
Best Horse: Layla, Braxton Hamlin
1st: Tennessee Valley
2nd: Carolina
3rd: Lone Star

Bridger Brawl Tournament Results!

Results from the Bridger Brawl Tournament in Montana:

Best Sportsman: Robbie Noiles
Best ASH Horse: Kingaroy

Impressive Umpiring:
Geoff McAteer,Charlotte Svaldi,Jason Lynch

A grade

1st Place: Big Sky Polox
G5 (Glenn Bigsby V), Marlee Bigsby,Ahna Mayo

2nd Place: OutLaw
Robbie Noiles,Samuel Burrows, Jason Lynch

3rd Place: Mix
Susan Hatch, Tristan Cole, McKoy Loomis

Best Player: Sam Burrows
Best Horse: Dusty

B Grade:

1st Place: Big Sky Polox
Rob Brooks, Jeremy Knutson, Ashlynne Hanan

2nd Place: Triple Crown
David Finch, Becky Dekkers, Brian Beall

3rd Place:Calgary

Lesley Plant,Stephen Plant, Christian Petersen

Best Player: Rob Brooks
Best Horse: Kingaroy

C Grade:

1st Place: Team Svaldi
Missy Schwartz Svaldi, Logan Svaldi, Char Svaldi

2nd Place: Big Sky Polox
Dawson Brooks, Pj Penor, Thea Sherwood

3rd Place: OutLaw
Kelley Kuhl, Brooke Sprague, Andrew Whinny

Best Player: PJ Penor
Best Horse: Tia

D Grade:

1st Place: Mountain
Dylan McDowell,Andrew Nordstrom, Kendall Johnson

2nd Place: The Hotties

Tammy Cameron, Cathy Haugh, Leslie King Roots

3rd Place: Big Sky Polox
Brittany Riggleman,Chesca Mayer,Leslie Ann Harrison

Best Player: Dylan McDowell
Best Horse: Dee Dee

Polocrosse in the Pines Results!

Here are the results for Polocrosse In The Pines:

A Grade
1st Place: Carolina: Evan Vallee, Paige Vallee, Kate Lahr
2nd Place: Tennessee Valley: Sloan Hamlin, Doug Hamlin, Garrett Hamlin
3rd Place: Sugarloaf 1: Peter Balogh, Haley Blend, Emma Strider
4th Place: Sugarloaf 2: Nick Balogh, Baker White, Alex Harvey
Best Player: Evan Vallee
Best Horse: Moonshine (Strider)

B Grade:
1st Place: Sugarloaf: Virginia Carpenter, Kevin Horton, Erin Strider
2nd Place: B Mix: Charla Cameron, Ronald Borta, Kaylee Camp
3rd Place: Tennessee Valley: Zach Hulbert, Sophia Solomon, Aubrey Large
4th Place: Grand Bay: Ashley Barbour, Jeremy Barbour, Karen Saussy
5th Place: Carolina: Sara Cifelli, Ally Kimbrough, Crawford Liner
Best Player: Zach Hulbert
Best Horse: Kohala (Horton)

C Grade:
1st Place: Sandie Creek/Tennessee Valley: Mary Ladnier, Jacob Porter, Joe Guzman,
Connie Geary, Sara Risseeuw, Charles Saussy
2nd Place: Bay Area: Jessa Russell, Greg Russell, Tony Cameron, Katelyn James,
Tristan Cole, Tyler Webb
3rd Place: Sugarloaf: Jonathan Broadhurst, Alexandra Broadhurst, Sean Gray, Molly
Gray, Grace Strosnider, Hailey Church
Best Player: Tristan Cole
Best Horse: Twister (Ladnier)

D Grade:
1st Place: Sandie Creek/Heartland: Kristina Farthing, Stephen Bun, Scott Carpenter Jr.,
Rachel Wilson, Domanick Jamerson, Haley Culpeper
2nd Place: Sugarloaf Mix: Clare Lynam, Ella Lavorgna, Stacy Cambell, Valerie Gorden,
Karina Sharma, Ashby Hatcher
3rd Place: Tennessee Valley/Stars & Stripes: Karlie Slayton, Kristin Avery, Justin Layne,
Sienna Adams, Layla Sapp, Natalie Tanski
Best Player: Domanick Jamerson
Best Horse: Wasabi (Hatcher)

E Grade:
1st Place: Sugarloaf: Janet Broadhurst, Carter Klein, Bean Hatcher
2nd Place: Bay Area: Andrew Lanier, Jackie Brouillette, Grace Hecker,
3rd Place: Stars & Stripes: Wilma Jenkins, Claire Duvall, Amy Lewis
4th Place: Tennessee Valley: Thea Hamlin, Madison Butler, Kyleigh Whitlock
Best Player: Grace Hecker
Best Horse: Patty (Hecker)

1st Place: Sugarloaf: Richard Balogh, Sarah Broadhurst, Jamie Zito
2nd Place: Carolina: Beth Younger, Donna Ellis, TJ Watson
3rd Place: Mix Masters: Nikki Lee, Peter Kearns, Alexandra Covington
Best Player: Sarah Broadhurst
Best Horse: Falme (Covington)

Bay Area Blue Crab Classic Results!

A Grade:
1st: Sugarloaf 3 (Nick Balogh, Pete Balogh, Haley Blend)
2nd: Bay Area (Paul Repenning, Ryan Murphy, Sara Cifelli)
3rd: Sugarloaf 2 (Alex Harvey, Karl Balogh, Baker White)
Best Rider: Nick Balogh
Best Horse: Gunner (Ryan Murphy’s Horse)

B Grade
1st: Sugarloaf
2nd: Bay Area (Tristan Cole, Charla Cameron, Virginia Carpenter)
3rd: Mix
Best Rider: Tristan Cole
Best Horse: Shiloh (Charla Cameron’s Horse)

C Grade
1st: Sugarloaf
2nd: Bay Area 2 (Katelyn James, Patrick Landum, Jessa Russell)
3rd: Bay Area 1 (Greg Russell, Tyler Webb, Tony Cameron)
Best Rider: Jessa Russell
Best Horse: Kahlua (Jessa Russell’s Horse)

D Grade:
1st: Bay Area
2nd: Sugarloaf
3rd: Heartland
Best Rider: Valerie Gordan
Best Horse:Clifton (Leased by Donna Fowble currently)

E Grade:
1st: Bay Area 2
2nd: Bay Area 1
3rd: Bucks County
Best Rider: Monika
Best Horse: Chip

1st: Bucks
2nd: Sugarloaf
Best Rider: Paul Schnatz
Best Horse: Fiore

Lone Star’s Jon Weber Classic Tournament Results!

A Grade:
1st A Lone Star- Rob Shuttles, Stephanie Shuttles, Ryan Strider
2nd A Sauce- Braxton Hamlin, Tallie Thompson, Evan Vallee
Best Horse-Roza (Renee Thompson)
Best Player-Braxton Hamlin

B Grade:
1st B Alamo- Clayton Crabdree, Renee Wenand, Anna Duff
2nd B Grand Bay- Ashley Barbour, Steve Wiggins, Karen Saussy
Best Horse- Nikita (Elizabeth Walker)
Best Player- Ashley Barbour

C Grade:
1st C Lone Star- Kiki Pantaze, Cat Pickens, Grace Nelson
2nd C Grand Bay- Mary Ladnier, Karen Wiggins, Charles Saussy
Best Horse- Prima (Kiki Pantaze)
Best Player- Kiki Pantaze

D Grade:
1st D Lone Star- Mia Zaky, Haydon Shuttles, Aubrey Shuttles
2nd D Minnesota- David Finch, Becky Dekkers, Terry Hawkins
Best Horse- Cheetah (Haydon Shuttles)
Best Player- Aubrey Shuttles

E Grade:
1st E Grade Minnesota- Andrew Nordstrom, Emma McGeough, Kendall Johnson
2nd E Lone Star- Ginger Zaky, Leila Zaky, Sam Shuttles
Best Horse- Carlito (Adalida Weynand)
Best Player- Emma McGeough

Traveled Farthest Award $100- Arleen, Michael, and Emma Strider
Joey Venne Sportsmanship Award- Paul Johnson
Best ASH Male Rider- Ryan Strider
Best ASH Female Rider- Emma Strider
Best ASH Horse-Zima (Ryan Strider)

Grand Bay’s Cowboy Classic Tournament Results!

A Grade:
1st Place – #3: Braxton Hamlin, Doug Hamlin, Sarah Desai
2nd Place – #4: Sloan Hamlin, Kaylee Camp, Rahul Desai
Best Horse: Venus
Best Player: Braxton Hamlin
B Grade:
1st Place – TVPC Mix: Aubrey Large, Elizabeth Walker, Clayton Crabdree
2nd Place – Grand Bay Girls: Karen Saussy, Michelena Zalopany, Megan Waggener
Best Horse: Nikita
Best Player: Elizabeth Walker
C Grade:
1st Place – Grand Bay: Joslyn Upshaw, Garrett Upshaw, Mary Ladnier
2nd Place – TVPC: Connie Geary, Amy Hamlin, Mason Coble
Best Horse: Beamer
Best Player: Garrett Upshaw
D Grade:
1st Place – Lone Star: Aubrey Shuttles, Haydon Shuttles, Sammy Shuttles
2nd Place – TVPC Mix: Kiri Freeman, Kristen Avery, Lori Crabdree
Best Horse: Cheetah
Best Player: Aubrey Shuttles
E Grade:
1st Place – Ginger Zaky, Layla Zaky, Beth Stacy
2nd Place – Kate Upshaw, Stacy Upshaw, Abby Engwall
Best Horse: Cody
Best Player: Beth Stacy

Charlie Horse Tournament Results!

Charlie Horse results:

A Grade (Scrambled)
First Place: Braxton Hamlin, Kaylee Camp, Doug Hamlin
Second Place: Sarah/Rahul Desai, Kerstie Allen, Sloan Hamlin

Best Player: Braxton Hamlin
Best Horse: Venus

B Grade:
First Place: Marlee Bigsby, Cason Camp, Callie Williams
Second Place: Sara Cifelli, Ally Kimbrough, Hank Watson

Best Player: Cason Camp
Best Horse: Reggie – Marlee Bigsby

C Grade:
First Place: Mary Ladnier, Steve Wiggins, Karen Wiggins
Second Place: Sophia Solomon, Connie Geary, Katie Kirik

Best Player: Katie Kirik
Best Horse: Rambo

D Grade:
First Place: Kiri Freeman, Ally Kimbrough, Wilma Jenkins
Second Place: Barb Burgio, Barry Berkelhammer, Heidi Howell

Best Player: Kiri Freeman
Best Horse: Finnigan

Masters (Scrambled):
First Place: Jamie Zito, Joe Douglas, TJ Watson
Second Place: Todd Camp, Donna Ellis, Charles Alexander

Best Player: Donna Ellis
Best Horse: Bartolo

Central Zone Championships Results!

Below are the results from Central Zone Championships held in Wilmer, AL.

A Grade
1st Place – Lone Star
2nd Place – TVPC
Best Player – Rob Shuttles
Best Horse – Zema, Ryan Strider

B Grade
1st Place – Lone Star
2nd Place – Minnesota
Best Player – Renee Thompson
Best Horse – Roza, Renee Thompson

C Grade
1st Place – Minnesota
2nd Place – The Companeros
Best Player – Connie Geary
Best Horse – Chance, Connie Geary

Junior A –
1st Place – Grand Bay
2nd Place – Texas
3rd Place – Minnesota Mix
Best Player – Garrett Upshaw
Best Horse – Arabella, Aubry Shuttles

Junior B –
1st Place – Lone Star
2nd Place – Texas Mix
Best Player – Hayden Shuttles
Best Horse – Freckles, Ian Duff