Polocrosse in the Pines Results!

Here are the results for Polocrosse In The Pines:

A Grade
1st Place: Carolina: Evan Vallee, Paige Vallee, Kate Lahr
2nd Place: Tennessee Valley: Sloan Hamlin, Doug Hamlin, Garrett Hamlin
3rd Place: Sugarloaf 1: Peter Balogh, Haley Blend, Emma Strider
4th Place: Sugarloaf 2: Nick Balogh, Baker White, Alex Harvey
Best Player: Evan Vallee
Best Horse: Moonshine (Strider)

B Grade:
1st Place: Sugarloaf: Virginia Carpenter, Kevin Horton, Erin Strider
2nd Place: B Mix: Charla Cameron, Ronald Borta, Kaylee Camp
3rd Place: Tennessee Valley: Zach Hulbert, Sophia Solomon, Aubrey Large
4th Place: Grand Bay: Ashley Barbour, Jeremy Barbour, Karen Saussy
5th Place: Carolina: Sara Cifelli, Ally Kimbrough, Crawford Liner
Best Player: Zach Hulbert
Best Horse: Kohala (Horton)

C Grade:
1st Place: Sandie Creek/Tennessee Valley: Mary Ladnier, Jacob Porter, Joe Guzman,
Connie Geary, Sara Risseeuw, Charles Saussy
2nd Place: Bay Area: Jessa Russell, Greg Russell, Tony Cameron, Katelyn James,
Tristan Cole, Tyler Webb
3rd Place: Sugarloaf: Jonathan Broadhurst, Alexandra Broadhurst, Sean Gray, Molly
Gray, Grace Strosnider, Hailey Church
Best Player: Tristan Cole
Best Horse: Twister (Ladnier)

D Grade:
1st Place: Sandie Creek/Heartland: Kristina Farthing, Stephen Bun, Scott Carpenter Jr.,
Rachel Wilson, Domanick Jamerson, Haley Culpeper
2nd Place: Sugarloaf Mix: Clare Lynam, Ella Lavorgna, Stacy Cambell, Valerie Gorden,
Karina Sharma, Ashby Hatcher
3rd Place: Tennessee Valley/Stars & Stripes: Karlie Slayton, Kristin Avery, Justin Layne,
Sienna Adams, Layla Sapp, Natalie Tanski
Best Player: Domanick Jamerson
Best Horse: Wasabi (Hatcher)

E Grade:
1st Place: Sugarloaf: Janet Broadhurst, Carter Klein, Bean Hatcher
2nd Place: Bay Area: Andrew Lanier, Jackie Brouillette, Grace Hecker,
3rd Place: Stars & Stripes: Wilma Jenkins, Claire Duvall, Amy Lewis
4th Place: Tennessee Valley: Thea Hamlin, Madison Butler, Kyleigh Whitlock
Best Player: Grace Hecker
Best Horse: Patty (Hecker)

1st Place: Sugarloaf: Richard Balogh, Sarah Broadhurst, Jamie Zito
2nd Place: Carolina: Beth Younger, Donna Ellis, TJ Watson
3rd Place: Mix Masters: Nikki Lee, Peter Kearns, Alexandra Covington
Best Player: Sarah Broadhurst
Best Horse: Falme (Covington)