Racket code translation

When you’re looking to buy a racket, you may notice a code on the butt end of rackets you are trying out. These alphabetical and numerical codes can help you make a knowledgeable decision about your purchase, as well as shop online for a new racket by code if you know what kind you prefer. Different racket manufacturers use various code systems to represent the weight and “wippiness” of their particular products. See below for explanations about the coding systems for some of the more prevalent rackets on the market. Contact us if you need any assistance choosing the best racket for you.

Bombers Polocrosse Racquets

“The code is made up of a letter followed by a digit. The letter being the weight of the racquet as explained in List 1 below and the number being the flexibility of the shaft as explained in List 2.”

List 1: Weight code
A:  <260g
B:  261-269g
C:  270-279g
D:  280-289g
E:  290-299g
F:  300-309g
G:  310-319g
H:  320-329g
I:  330-339g
J:  >340g

List 2: Shaft flexibility
1: Firm
2: Standard
3: Flexible

Bennett Polocrosse Rackets

“Our canes are graded numerically at manufacturing stage for ease of identification. No. 5 canes are the whippiest I use being very whippy, No. 6 are whippy, No. 7 are medium/whippy, No. 8 are medium, No. 9 are medium/stiff through to No. 10’s which are very stiff. “