Peak Polocrosse’s Rumble in the Rockies Tournament Results!


Another extremely fun and successful Peak Polocrosse “Rumble in the Rockies” is in the books! This year’s event was preceded by an “Australian Horse Stock” show and judge’s clinic at the same venue which allowed many of the participants to be a part of both events.

The tournament this year played host to visiting players from several states across the country including Mississippi, Alabama, Minnesota, Florida, Montana, Maryland, Texas and Oregon as well as visiting foreign players from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Mexico. It was such a wonderful opportunity for old friends to reconnect and new friends to connect – all in the shadow of the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

Many thanks to Peak Polocrosse Club and the Australian Stock Horse Association for hosting these incredible events!

Results from this weekend’s tournament are as follows:

Most improved woman – Steph Lindsey (Janelle Weir Award Donation)

Best Australian Stock Horse – Strider Zima (Avery Thompson’s)

D grade:
3rd place – Adventures Unlimited 2
2nd place – The Three Smith’s
1st place – Big Sky

C Grade:
3rd place – Southern Belles
2nd place – Adventures Unlimited Team Zero
1st place – Companeros

B Grade:
3rd place – Big Sky
2nd place – Peak PX
1st place – Calgary

A grade:
3rd place – Peak px
2nd place – Big Sky
1st place – Lonestar

E Grade:
Best Player – Darla Menger
Best Horse – Garry (Tim Doust’s horse)

D Grade:
Best Player – Catherine peticoas
Best Horse – Sinatra (Keely Kuhl’s horse)

C grade:
Best player – Shelby Barner
Best Horse – Jasper (Renee Thompson’s horse)

B Grade:
Best Player – Evan Plant
Best Horse – Jazz (Rob Brooks’

A Grade:
Best Player – Braxton Hamlin
Best Horse – Marty (Lachlan Clarks’ horse)