Grand Bay’s Cowboy Classic Tournament Results!

A Grade:
1st Place – #3: Braxton Hamlin, Doug Hamlin, Sarah Desai
2nd Place – #4: Sloan Hamlin, Kaylee Camp, Rahul Desai
Best Horse: Venus
Best Player: Braxton Hamlin
B Grade:
1st Place – TVPC Mix: Aubrey Large, Elizabeth Walker, Clayton Crabdree
2nd Place – Grand Bay Girls: Karen Saussy, Michelena Zalopany, Megan Waggener
Best Horse: Nikita
Best Player: Elizabeth Walker
C Grade:
1st Place – Grand Bay: Joslyn Upshaw, Garrett Upshaw, Mary Ladnier
2nd Place – TVPC: Connie Geary, Amy Hamlin, Mason Coble
Best Horse: Beamer
Best Player: Garrett Upshaw
D Grade:
1st Place – Lone Star: Aubrey Shuttles, Haydon Shuttles, Sammy Shuttles
2nd Place – TVPC Mix: Kiri Freeman, Kristen Avery, Lori Crabdree
Best Horse: Cheetah
Best Player: Aubrey Shuttles
E Grade:
1st Place – Ginger Zaky, Layla Zaky, Beth Stacy
2nd Place – Kate Upshaw, Stacy Upshaw, Abby Engwall
Best Horse: Cody
Best Player: Beth Stacy

Central Zone Championships Results!

Below are the results from Central Zone Championships held in Wilmer, AL.

A Grade
1st Place – Lone Star
2nd Place – TVPC
Best Player – Rob Shuttles
Best Horse – Zema, Ryan Strider

B Grade
1st Place – Lone Star
2nd Place – Minnesota
Best Player – Renee Thompson
Best Horse – Roza, Renee Thompson

C Grade
1st Place – Minnesota
2nd Place – The Companeros
Best Player – Connie Geary
Best Horse – Chance, Connie Geary

Junior A –
1st Place – Grand Bay
2nd Place – Texas
3rd Place – Minnesota Mix
Best Player – Garrett Upshaw
Best Horse – Arabella, Aubry Shuttles

Junior B –
1st Place – Lone Star
2nd Place – Texas Mix
Best Player – Hayden Shuttles
Best Horse – Freckles, Ian Duff

Grand Bay Crawdaddy Carnival Results!

A Grade Division:
1st Place (players not switching around) Gordon Duff, Sloan Hamlin, Doug Hamlin, Sydney Burch
2nd place: (Best conversion section of the weekend) Braxton Hamlin, Rob Shuttles, Sydney Burch
Best 1: Braxton Hamlin Best 2: Rob Shuttles Best 3: Rahul Desai
Best Horse: Waldo (Sydney Burch)

B Grade Division:
1st Place- Alamo – Renee Sissions, Clayton Crabdree, Anna Duff
2nd Place- Lonestar Mix – Renee Thompson, Mike Thompson, Sophia Soloman
Best 1: Renee Thompson Best 2: Clayton Crabtree Best 3: Sophia Soloman
Best Horse: Roza (Renee Thompson)

C Grade Division:
1st Place- Sandie Mix – Kyler Haygood, Justin Layne, Dylan Hood
2nd Place- TVPC – Aubry Large, Connie Geary, Amy Hamlin
Best 1: Joslyn Upshaw Best 2: Justin Layne Best 3: Amy Hamlin
Best Horse: Reign (Dylan Hood)

D Grade Division:
1st Place- Dixie Gals – Bayleigh Morring, Michelle Morring, Chelsea Brantley
2nd Place- Mix Chicks – Schyler Stacy, Katy Smolik, Aubrey Shuttles
Best 1: Bayleigh Morring Best 2: Michelle Morring Best 3: Karen Harper
Best Horse: Slim (Aubrey Shuttles)

E Grade Division:
1st Place- Lonestar Mix – Haydon Shuttles, Patrick Landrum, Sam Shuttles
2nd Place- Grand Bay – Felicia D’Alonzo, Lucy Plot, Olivia Rigg
Best 1: Haydon Shuttles Best 2: Patrick Landrum Best 3: Olivia Rigg
Best Horse: Elexis (Sam Shuttles)

Master’s / Ladies Division:
First Place: Todd Camp, Stacy UpShaw, Michelena D’Alonzo
Second Place: Deb Zito, Jamie Zito and Michele Lahr
Third Place: Hannah Venne, Sarah Dancisin and Amy Lewis
Best Horse: Ziva (Deb Zito)
Best Player: Todd Camp

Best Sportsmanship: Gordon Duff
Best Umpire: Rob Shuttles