SC Polocrosse Ball

These balls are made of a thick-skinned sponge rubber; 4 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 6 ounces. SC balls have been approved for tournament play by the American Polocrosse Association since their introduction in 2017.

Bomber Midas Head Racket

The Midas polocrosse racquet has been aptly named for the golden effect it has on the users game. This polocrosse racquet head is thinner across the top allowing for easier pickups, and creates the largest legal catching areas of all racquets. The racket code describes the racket weight and stiffness. Learn more about Racket Codes.

New Derby Polocrosse Helmet

The New Derby Polocrosse helmet has been specifically designed for the rigours associated with polocrosse. It has a deerskin leather harness and chin strap with a flocked inner lining. It is well ventilated and has interchangeable padding to create an individual fit. Press studs embedded in the shell allow a faceguard to be attached to … Continue reading New Derby Polocrosse Helmet

Bennett Pro Head Racket

Released in 2004 the "Pro" head was another breakthrough for Bennett Rackets - (the inventors of the plastic head racket) that revolutionised racket head shapes. Over 4 years of design and trialling went into the 'PRO', resulting in a racket head with truly outstanding attributes and performance. Three individual engineers were involved in the key … Continue reading Bennett Pro Head Racket

Cotton Snap Reins

Soft cotton reins with scissor snap attachments and nylon reinforcements. 7' long.

Bomber Square Head Racket

Bomber racket produced in South Africa. The Square head shape is a unique design from Bombers; ­ the Square shape was developed after months of trials. Injection molded plastic head available in several different colors. The racket code describes the racket weight and stiffness. Learn more about Racket Codes.

Bombers Cotton Reins

Sturdy, soft cotton reins from Bombers Equestrian. Various lengths. Leather attachment to brass buckles.

Racket Bag

Racket bag with shoulder strap and ball compartment on the side. Thick nylon fabric and heavy duty zippers.

Bomber Trick Sticks

The  Bombers Trick Stick is part of their skills package that increases the players racquet skills, confidence and hand­ eye coordination. Trick sticks are ideal for catching and throwing on the ground, but make playing on a horse much more difficult. They are not necessarily a substitute for a normal length racket for a child, … Continue reading Bomber Trick Sticks

Bomber Cane Head Racket

Using cane as the material for the making the head makes the head a little firmer and more absorbent of impact and vibrations. The cane is also substantially lighter than other plastic materials and has a better weight distribution as well as balance. Our cane is specially selected and goes through a unique curing and … Continue reading Bomber Cane Head Racket

Soft Grips

Soft grips available in a variety of colors. Styles may vary.

Jim Grills Sharp Shooter Racket

Designed to be stiff, while still lightweight, these rackets keep your shots straight and strong. Plus, the all-black design looks flashy and adds an aspect of stealthiness to your game.

Replacement Net

Various replacement nets for different racket brands and types. Bomber and Milner nets are white. Bennett nets are black with a colored lacing string.

No-Turn Bell Boots

Neoprene ballistic no-turn bell boots, perfect for the polocrosse field! *Unbranded bell boots may have some discoloration and are priced accordingly.

Bomber Leather Breastplate

Flat leather or laced breastplate from Bombers Equestrian in South Africa. Quality components and very adjustable to fit multiple size horses. Stock image shows plaited version. Hanging breastplate image shows Stockman's version.