Bennett Pro Head Racket


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Released in 2004 the “Pro” head was another breakthrough for Bennett Rackets – (the inventors of the plastic head racket) that revolutionised racket head shapes. Over 4 years of design and trialling went into the ‘PRO’, resulting in a racket head with truly outstanding attributes and performance. Three individual engineers were involved in the key areas of; structural design and performance, mould/tool design, material selection and mould performance.

All rackets currently in stock are the standard 42″ length and a medium set net. Racket stiffness is denoted by the number on the end of the racket.
6 – Whippy Cane
7 – Medium/Whippy
8 – Medium Cane
9 – Medium/Stiff
10 – Stiff Cane

Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 44 × 6 × 1 in
Racket Code

6 green grip, green head, black net, 7 pink grip, pink head, blue net, 7 blue grip, blue head, red net, 7 orange grip, yellow head, blue net, 7 red grip, red head, blue net, 7 red grip, gold head, red net, 7/8 black grip, white head, blue net, 8 purple grip, purple head, black net, 8 green grip, green head, red net, 8 red grip, blue head, red net, 8 black grip, gold head, black net, 9 orange grip, orange head, black net, 9 red grip, red head, blue net, 10 black grip, blue head, black net, 10 black grip, gold head, red net

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